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CPQ Interview Questions and Answers

What is Exclusion Rules?

Exclusion Rules helps us to generate error messages or promotes to users exclude both products.

What is CPQ?

CPQ stands for Configure, Price and Quote. CPQ is a tool which helps companies produce accurate, configured quotes and make them using automation C is for configure. Customer can select products what he is required. P is for price. make price for products which are selected. Q is for quote: Generating estimation price to Customer for products.

What is QTC?

QTC stands for Quote to Cash and it is an end to end business process which start from generation of quote to receiving payments for customers.

what is APTTUS CPQ?

APTTUS CPQ is more one of leading CPQ services provides to clients which are provided by company named as APTTUS.

What is Product?

It is Product or services that can be sell to customer in as Standalone, Options and Bundle Standalone: It can be sold individually Bundle: two or more products can be sold as bundle Options: it provides additional choices for products to end users

what is Product Family?

Product Family is a standard feature provided by salesforce and you can segment of your products using picklist

what is Product Group?

Product Group is an APTTUS Custom object and it contains set of products in it.

What is Category?

Category is a high-level segmentation of products. It helps end users to select them using in Product catalog.

What is Product Catalogue?

Product Catalogue is a place where you can find all list of products available in your organization.

What is Bundle Products?

Bundle Products are combination of two or more products that provides added value to customers

What is Product Hierarchy?

Product Hierarchy is related to hierarchy of products which products are interlinked to another product

What is Inner Bundles?

Inner Bundles is also called as multi-level bundles where users select a bundle inside a bundle.

What is Attributes in APTTUS CPQ?

Attributes are related to features like color, weight, size and so on.

What is Product Attribute?

Product Attributes are related to features of a product like colour, weight, size and so on..

What is Product Attribute Field?

Product Attribute Field is a value of features of product which may be colour, size ..etc White iPhone , Here iPhone is a product and White is an Attribute.

what is Product Attribute Group?

Product Attribute Group is containing two or more Product Attribute.

what is search filters?

search filters help us to find results by using their field values. To find products, options we can use search filter based on their field values.

what is Pricelist?

Pricelist store multiple prices of a particular products based on business flow

what is Price List Item?

Price List Item store the list price of product that contains various price list based on area, location,quantity etc

what is Price Rules?

Price Rules deals with Pricing adjustments on products and it also helps to provide discounts, Special offers and Promotional offers

what is Price Rules set?

Price Rules sets contains criteria to update Price Rules on a product

what is Price Matrices?

Price Matrices is used to adjust pricing for a single product on a price list.

What is Inclusion Rules?

Inclusion Rules helps us to generate error messages or promotes to users include both products.

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