Installing Trailhead Tracker Application

Installing Trailhead Tracker Application

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Installing Trailhead Tracker Application

Installing Trailhead Tracker Application from APP Exchange

What is TrailHead Tracker?

Trailhead Tracker is an app exchange application that can track all your trailhead badge status in the form of reports or dashboards and it can be automatically can synchronize from sever by our scheduled time. contains a set of reports.

Steps to install trailhead tracker

1. Visit Trailhead tracker by this link

2. Click on get it now.

3. Log in to your salesforce org with credentials

4. Click on sandbox / Production application need to install

5. Next, click on the checkbox where  I have read and agreed on terms and conditions.

6. Then you will get three options to select anyone from below

7. Provide access to third-party sites8. Click on Done to complete the installation process

Access of Trailhead Tracker

  • Click on app launcher in salesforce lightning
  • List TrailHead Tracker from the list
  • click on TrailHead Setup and provide information like your salesforce username, password, security token, and select license type of your org
  • Click on save

Trailhead Synchronization Settings

  • It will synchronize the Trailhead data from your org on a daily based using a scheduled task.
  • In order to schedule that we need to select the requested time on the picklist and click on save
  • Done.. wait for a couple of minutes to synchronize the data.

You can find various types of reports like :

Final View of Dashboard


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