Lightning Experience Configuration Converter

Lightning Experience Configuration Converter

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Lightning Experience Configuration Converter in Salesforce

Today we discuss the Salesforce Lightning Configuration tool Looking for lightning migration stuck to convert the Javascript button into lightning. Salesforce launched a tool named Lightning Experience Configuration Converter, It helps us to convert custom JavaScript buttons into lightning.

As you are aware that JavaScript buttons and URL hack will now work in lightning Experience. In order to achieve your requirements designed on JavaScript buttons, you need to design a lightning component and call that button using Lightning Quick Action.

In order to reduce lightning migration efforts, salesforce launched the Lightning experience configuration tool.

Here I have taken a use case. I have designed a button on Account Layout, click on a button it will display an alert to the user with the account name is work designed based on the JavaScript button.


Login to

and login into your salesforce sandbox/dev org and check for your button your looking for lightning migration.

I have taken here Account Name as sample javaScript button which provides account name in the alert. I am trying to migrate this javascript button into lightning

click on that button and select convert and deploy button will convert in few seconds

Navigate to converted buttons you will find a converted button and which contains a lightning component designed for button

login into your org and add into the button on page layout and test it in the lightning version.

You have successfully migrated the javascript button into lightning with the help of the Lightning Experience Configuration Converter

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